The time to say ha det (good bye) to our beautiful Norway has arrived, and it feels as if though it had arrived too soon. Wrapping up things at work meant to leave everything ready to continue my collaboration with the colleagues in Norway, both at NPI in Tromsø and at UNIS in Svalbard. They were (and continue to be) such wonderful research groups to work with!

The weekend following Syttende mai, Greg, Evan and I, accompanied by Greg’s parents, brother and our 7-year old niece Nola, took the long way home. This journey consisted of a 4-day and 4-night Hurtigruten boat ride along the western coast of Norway from Tromsø to Bergen, followed by a 7-hr train ride from Bergen to Oslo, followed by an overnight boat ride to Copenhagen in Denmark, from where we then flew back home. Above you can see a couple of pictures taken during this journey.

But truly, these pictures do not do justice to all the beauty that Norway has to offer. There were many pretty towns and cities along the way in which we had a little over an hour to explore around. Trondheim was one of my favorite cities. Bergen was also really nice.

Farvel Tromsø and Longyearbyen friends. Farvel NPI and UNIS colleagues. Farvel Evan’s Kveldrovegen Barnehagen, farvel to our lovely home, farvel lots of snow and ice, farvel ski trails 5min away from home, farvel Norwegian sceneries, farvel simple yet delicious food and snacks, farvel 24-hr daylight days and 0-hr daylight days, farvel family-focused society with no crime to be fearful of.

And now back home, some local news in Tromsø continue to amuse us: take a look at this engineered lunch that has made it possible for people to spread both mayonnaise and caviar at the same time. Fun stuff.

Thank you Fulbright Foundation, thank you family, thank you Laura de Steur and Frank Nilsen, thank you Norway friends, and thank you UW colleagues and friends back home for your support. Thank you to my readers for following me on this journey and for allowing me to share this amazing and fulfilling experience with you all.

Yours truly,

Cecilia Peralta