Seventeen of May is the most important celebration day in Norway, and we were lucky to be there to witness it. In Tromsø, that is the day where you actually see a lot of people in town (particularly compared with Saturday or Sunday mornings where it also looks like the apocalypse in the city). The day is fulfilled with parades through and around downtown, composed of many little kids (e.g., various kindergartens and elementary schools participating in the children’s parade), teenagers (e.g., various middle and high schools) and the grown-ups (in the so-called people’s parade), with representation of several sport clubs and community service groups (e.g., firefighters, police…), among others.

Everyone is holding a flag (we were too!), and more amazingly, most people were dressed up, wearing the traditional elegant dresses (called bunad) of the various regions of Norway, and of course also the traditional elegant Sami attire (see these in the picture above). It was such a great sighting – lots of laughter, music and excitement for both parade participants and spectators!