With spring in full, the unusually high April and May temperatures, sunny days and recent rainfall (as opposed to snowfall), the snow around the city has been melting very rapidly.  We have changed our bikes from their studded tires to their regular tires, and my commute is back to being easy (bare roads again).  We’ve been hit with these higher than average air temperatures (2°C above normal) since mid-April, one day of which Greg claimed that 10°C (50°F) were officially shorts and t-shirt weather (see picture on the left). And just four days ago we reached 23°C (73°F)… that’s real shorts and t-shirt weather! We are no longer getting below freezing temperatures, not even at “night”. Well in fact there is no night anymore. We have about 22 hrs of daylight these days, with the remaining 2 hrs of quite a bright twilight. There has been no night since March 27th. The birds start waking up and annoying everyone (me at least) since 2 am – at sunrise.

Along with the rapid snow melt and warm (mostly sunny) days, people in Tromsø have started to put together their trampolines in their yards (see pic on the right)… that is the real indication that winter is over :).

Ski season is also over in Tromsø – Luckily I still had a (perhaps last) chance to go skiing a weekend ago on May 5th at the ski trails near our house… they weren’t groomed anymore, but it wasn’t bad. And like ski season, our time in Tromsø is also approaching an end. With only one week left in beautiful Northern Norway, we have started packing up. I want to fill a luggage with paprika-flavored Sørland potato chips, various types of knekkebrød (delicious flat and crunchy crackers that in Greg’s opinion resemble bird’s food), lefse, bollers (sweet bread buns), and kanelsnurrer (cinnamon rolls), but unfortunately there is no space, so I will have to come back to Tromsø sooner than later. I want to bring all the awesome fluffy snowsuits that Evan wears in a daily basis, but our winters in Seattle don’t really justify this effort.

Three funny little things:

  • Evan’s example of trilingual sentences: “Ha det mucha people”, as we leave from a crowded place.
  • Evan loves playing football soccer, he’s got a sweet set of kicks down, including small kicks, high kicks, and back kicks. Surprisingly, he hasn’t broken anything at home, yet. I am starting to accept that I will soon become a soccer mom. Hopefully I will also (or instead) become a basketball mom :).
  • Norwegians eat “tacos” on Fridays: Taco Friday. Americans practice Taco Tuesday. Thankfully Mexicans need no assigned days for tacos.