I am happy to report that the sun made its appearance back in Tromsø. This happened last Sunday, January 21st, between 11:50 am and noon.  I was told by my colleagues that people traditionally gather at the Tromsø Cathedral in downtown to celebrate the moment when the sun shines on its stair steps (this is similar to the tradition in Longyearbyen, in Svalbard, but they will have to wait until about February 15 for this to happen).  Instead, Greg, Evan and I decided to climb up of a snow pile somewhere near our neighborhood to just get an excellent view of it (picture above).  Greg made sure to bring his sunglasses to celebrate the moment.  And a frisbee.  Part of the tradition is to eat a delicious, sugar-doughnut tasting pastry called solbolle, which means “sun bun”. It is also typically known in Norway as “Berlinbolle”. A Norwegian colleague of mine at work told me that the solbolle tradition is quite local from Tromsø region (no surprise -only the northern region of Norway lacks all daylight for 2+ months).  It is certainly a big deal here – big enough that we were asked to fill out a survey at work in which we had  to select our favorite type of solbolle: a) sugar-covered (pictured above), b) vanilla-paste filled, c) strawberry jam filled or d) either.  Anyway, good stuff.  And anticipating that all stores are closed on Sundays (including bakeries that must’ve probably had a massive production of solbolles) I received mine at work the previous Friday. Evan had his at the barnehage the day after sundag, accompanied with hot chocolate.