The figure above shows an overview of the weather forecast (from in Tromsø for today and the next 7 days.

The bad news: Tomorrow Friday (like this past Tuesday) it will be way too warm again (4 C, which is 39.2 F). Some of the snow has therefore started to melt (and a lot more will tomorrow!). The bad news though is that on the roads this means a slushy, slippery, horrible mess. Yes, weather-related commuting issues is my ONLY dislike about living in Tromsø so far.

The good news:  Look at what happens on Monday January 15: The sun will be back above the horizon in Tromsø (compare to Thu-Sat, where the picture of sun is shown below a horizontal line, ha, a funny detail that would never exist in the forecast of the lower latitude locations where I’ve lived previously). Now, probably we won’t see the sun on the actual 15th, because it hides behind the mountains surrounding the island, but it will just be a couple of days before we actually have it shinning over Tromsø again! Oh yeah… this is assuming clear skies… but those are just details. And also, at first, we would have the sunlight only for about one hour per day, then hour and a half, then almost 2 hrs/day, and then increasing and increasing day after day, up until mid-may, which is when it never sets (midnight sun).  Then it will be time to return home.

When the sun is back in Tromsø there is celebration in town. I will make sure to take part on that celebration, stay tuned…