Last weekend Greg, Evan and I went on a weekend cabin trip to Lyngenfjord (see picture above), along with my colleague and friend Alexey, his wife Anna and their 15-month old boy Fyodor. Weekend escapes from the city to a cabin are very common and a must around here. And our trip was even more special because we got to see the beautiful northern lights – from the cabin’s hot tub (see picture above)!!

We had a great time, great meals, great company, great hikes and spectacular views. One of our hikes was a short 1.8km (~1mile) to the Gorsabrua – a famous ~50m-long bridge built in 2011, about 150m over the river Guolasjohka, in the Kåfjord valley. The bridge (see pictures above) gives you breath-taking views of the canyon, and the very adventurous may bungee jump off there (only during the summer I think). Gorsabrua is only about 15km away from Finland, but we will leave our visit to Finland for a future occasion.