Greg, Evan and I arrived in Tromsø on Friday August 11th. Our friends and colleagues at the Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI), Dr. Laura de Steur (my research host in Tromsø) and Marius Bratrein, received us at the airport and helped us settle in at our new home.

The same weekend we arrived coincided with the Arctic Race of Norway – an annual, multiple stage bicycle race where the professionals take on the scenic roads of Northern Norway. On Saturday, we were right at the finish line of Stage 3 in Finnvikdalen (pictured above), and on Sunday, we stood by the race path right through our new neighborhood in Stage 4, joyfully cheering to all the bikers passing by. Click here for a link to the facebook page of this race, including descriptions, results and tons of pictures. We can’t wait to get bikes ourselves to move around town more freely.

During the first week in Tromsø, Greg and I took turns taking care of Evan and working part-time because he doesn’t start Barnehagen (daycare) until the following week. Meanwhile I got introduced to more colleagues at NPI, got settled in my office space with a new old laptop, and took care of all administrative requirements for my stay at NPI.